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Wholesale orders are ready for pick up or shipped via UPS or USPS 5-7 business days
after order placement.

We will notify you via email of shipment with tracking information or pick up availability.




Phoenix Phurnishings, LLC

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Why choose our candles and melts for your boutique?

Mercury Vessel Copper Fall Edition Comparison.jpg

The scents we offer are made with phthalate-free essential oil infused fragrance oils.


Why does that matter?


Phthalates can cause harm to animals, so we thought it was best to keep those out of our candles and melts.

We have 40 fragrances, available all year long.

Phoenix Phurnishings LLC - 3 Wick Dough Bowl Watermarked.png

We have multiple vessel options available. Don't see something you like? We are happy to help find something.


We only use locally sourced pure soy wax in all our candles and melts. 

Our wicks are either pure cotton with no lead, zinc, or tin, or they're made of wood.

All of our candles and melts are free from dyes, unless otherwise specified.

Each candle and melt is hand poured in Salem/Keizer, Oregon.

Lavender Sunshine Mason Jar and Melt Collection.jpeg

We offer private label candles and melts to allow you to continually build your own brand. Chat with us about it.


We work with a variety of other small businesses to bring our creations to you and your customers.

Each purchase directly supports our family as well as many others around the country in our supply chain.

Contact us below to learn more about our offerings and prices. 


Ready to see what we offer? Fill out the form below to tell us a little bit about your business and we'll send you our pdf catalog with details and prices.

     Thanks for contacting us!     

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