Soot proof your candle burning experience!

Are you someone that dreams of burning candles without the black soot marks on the inside of the container, walls, or ceilings? If so, you're in luck because that's what we're covering today. It's simple really, just follow this rule:

Keep your wick trimmed (no taller than 1/4") and don’t burn for more than 4 hours at a time.

That's it. Follow along to see how we trim the wicks on our 8 oz candle jars.

Before you light the candle, ensure the wick is no taller than ¼”. This one is too tall and will produce soot if you light it.

There are several ways to trim the wick.

Wick Trimmer - One way to trim is using an actual wick trimming tool. You can find these on Amazon and they're called “wick trimmers”. These are handy for our taller 16 oz jars.

Scissors - Any old scissors should work on shorter candles, just safely clean the blades when you're done.

Fingers - Yep, use your fingertips to snap off the wick as pictured next.

Pinch the wick near the ¼” mark and snap the wick off. This method only works on candles wicks that have previously been burned.

Then, voila! Now your wick is about ¼” tall and it should ‘soot proof’ your candle burning experience.

You also have soot on your fingers and a piece of old wick to throw into the trash. Don’t forget to wash your hands unless you want soot on everything you touch. Eek!