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5 Wick Dough Bowl

  • Cotton wicks, x5.

  • Roughly 20-22" w x 5-6" d x 2.5" t.

  • Burn time depends on the amount of wax.

  • Each bowl is hand carved and the amount of wax is around 2lbs or 32oz/907g.

  • With a Net Weight of Wax at 2lbs or 32oz/907g, burn time is around 27 hours.

  • Refillable, part of our refill program.

  • Shrink wrapped to keep candle wax as clean as possible; however, several small holes do appear in the shrink wrap so customers can still smell the fragrance.

  • Care card specific to dough bowls is included on the bottom of the candle, within the shrink wrap. 

5 Wick Dough Bowl - Wholesale

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