Porch swing. Check!
Lemonade. Check!

Blooming Lavender. Check!
Honey bees flying around. Check! 

Slow down and take in the wonder of nature in the summer time. This fragrance helps transport you to another time and place. At first sniff, this smells like a sweet lemon fragrance with hints of an earthy lavender. However, once ignited, the sweetness of the lemon decreases and it turns into a beautiful combination of lemon lavender, with more lemon than lavender.

(At least our noses think so.)

For the lemon verbena, there are a few other hints of fragrance like benzoin, light musk, lemon grass, sugar, and lemon peel that all come together to enhance the lemon verbena. For the earthy lavender fragrance, there are other hints of cedar, powder, eucalyptus, camphor, bergamot and citrus.

This candle will fill up a bedroom or bathroom and a person may discover it's most enjoyable in a larger room.

Lavender Sunshine Wholesale

  • Made with locally sourced pure soy wax, these products are dye-free and scented with phthalate free essential oil infused fragrance oils. All cotton wicks are pure cotton, no zinc, tin, or lead.

    Wax Melts: 

    • Cubes work in a variety of warmers.
    • Most individual cubes last up to 24 hours.
    • Net Weight of Wax: 2.75oz/77.9g
    • Container is 4.25" long × 3" wide × 1.25" tall

    Short Mason Jar Candles: 

    • Cotton Wicks. 
    • Burn time is 40-45 hours. 
    • Net Weight of Wax 8oz/226.7g
    • 3.5"L x 3.5" W x 3.5"T

    Tall Mason Jar Candles: 

    • Cotton Wicks. 
    • Burn time 75-80 hours. 
    • Net Weight of Wax 14oz/396.8g